Template Solutions to Common Problems

My philosophy is that the proper response to an engineering challenge is a re-usable solution. To devote your time to a one-shot solution, when you know the problem will come up again and again, is simply not logical. In keeping with that philosophy, I have developed a variety of spreadsheet templates for performing common engineering and business tasks; these templates are re-usable pre-made files that run in Microsoft Excel and automate many of the tedious tasks required of engineering and business professionals. These templates are also completely customizable to your specific needs.

If you have a need for a template like those listed below, or have an idea for another useful template, please contact me at jcesarone999@gmail.com.

Currently Available Templates:
Cost Benefit Analysis (Free version, and $40.00 editable version)
Unit Conversions (Free version, and $5.00 expanded, editable version)
QFD (Quality Function Deployment) (Free version, and $40.00 editable version)
Gantt Chart (Free version, and $5.00 editable version) - NEW!!!!!
Amortization Calculator (Free version)
IRR (Internal Rate of Return) Template (Free version)
NPW (Net Present Worth) Template (Free version)
Instant downloads available with your credit card or PayPal.

Upcoming Templates:
SPC Charts and Process Capabilty Analysis
Structured Decision Analysis
Design of Experiments


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