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Cost Benefit Analysis Template

Before I waste your time with a lot of words, this is probably what you are looking for: the FREE version of our Cost Benefit Analysis Template, right here:


Rather watch a video than read a bunch of words? I don't blame you! Check it out right HERE.

Now, on to the words.  Engineers, as a group, hate inefficiency. I know I do, don't you?  That is why I have developed the Cost Benefit Analysis (also known as Business Case Analysis) template. So many calculations need to be performed, so many times, that it just makes sense to have a re-usable tool that performs the necessary tasks.

Two items are necessary to us, the working engineering professionals: first, the understanding of the theory behind a cost/benefit analysis, and second, the software tools that do the work. If you need a refresher on the understanding of the theory, please read my article on the topic here. But for a software tool, I recommend our Cost Benefit Analysis Template.

What does this template do for you? Well, for starters, it is an Excel file that is completely configurable and re-writable for you Excel jockeys (paid version only). On the other hand, if you are not an Excel expert, you can merely pop in your input values and let it hand you back the output values that you need (free version). Either way, it is meant to skip the first few days worth of effort that most engineers would need to invest in a Cost Benefit Analysis effort.

This template accepts inputs for all the anticipated Costs and Benefits of an anticipated or proposed project. That is, initial investment costs, recurring costs, and close-out costs. Plus all the anticipated benefits, such as recurring benefits, one-time future benefits, and final benefits. In other words, anything that you can anticipate, cost-wise or benefit-wise, you can enter in the appropriate data slot.

The template returns several economic assessments that you might find worthwhile, and that your organization probably requires. Such items as Present Worth of the investment, Internal Rate of Return of the investment, and Payback Period of the investment (in other words, how long until the project returns sufficent profits to pay for itself). There are also several pre-canned graphical plots designed to plop into your report to management. And since it is all in Excel, you are free to re-format or re-program any or all of the information as you see fit, and to generate any graphs or reports that your company requires (paid version only).

Still not convinced? Well, that's reasonable. Download our free version right now. If it is all you need, enjoy it with our compliments. If you need to modify it, a mere $40 will get you the unlocked version, which you can customize to your heart's content. 

The easiest way to buy the Pro version is to click the BUY NOW button on this page. That will take you to a storefront website where you can use your credit card. I think they also take PayPal. Once you pay, you will be given a download link for the template instantly.

Alternate method:

If for some reason you don't like method #1, you can always send me a payment through PayPal. Just go to PayPal and use my email address as the Pay-To account. It is: jcesarone999@gmail.com. Once PayPal notifies me that you've sent a payment (which only takes a few minutes), I'll email the template to you, but I can't promise it will be immediately. I'll have to wake up, sober up, drink a pot of coffee, and then do it. Half a day, tops. Unless I'm out of town, then all bets are off. So if you really want it right now, you're probably better off with the first method.

Remember, you can always download the free version right HERE. Did I mention that this one is free?

Did I mention our newly-released Unit Conversion template?  No?  Check it out here.

Purchase Link
Hey, news flash!  CNET gave this template 4.5 (out of 5) stars!  And that was just the free version!   Imagine how good the Pro version must be!

Read the review here.