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Does your staff have all the skills that it needs?  Things change rapidly in this business environment, and we all need to keep up.  Reading a book is great, but you cannot beat dedicating a day or two, getting together with an experienced trainer and a room full of colleagues, and really focusing on a new topic.

I have several seminars that I have been refining over the years, and they are always very well received.  These are offered about once a year at IIT as for-credit short courses, but I also offer them on-site at the plants of industrial clients who are more interested in the information and skills than in pursuing a degree.  These on-site versions can also be tailored for specific details and concepts that are most important to your business.

Think of the options below as guidelines; if you have other needs, send me an e-mail at jcesarone999@gmail.com and we'll see what we can work out for you.

Current Seminars

Cost/Benefit Analysis - can you demonstrate, mathematically, that your project or idea will make money for your company?

Robust Design - are your products and processes able to withstand the randomness that the universe will throw at them?

Project Management - can you get your projects done, on time, within budget, and with sufficient quality?  Do you have the tools to make sure that you can?

Statistical Process Control - can you track the quality of your processes, and do you understand the statistics that show you are making good stuff on a continuing basis?

Reliability Engineering - are you designing reliable products, and are you running reliable processes?  More importantly, do your customers think so?