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Project Management

This seminar covers the basic theory and practice of project management from a practical viewpoint, with emphasis on those concepts needed by technical professionals such as engineers and software developers.  Topics include project management concepts, resources, duration vs. effort, project planning and initiation, project stakeholders, SOW and WBS, progress tracking methods, CPM and PERT, reporting methods, replanning, team project concepts, and managing multiple projects. Use of Microsoft Project software is included, if appropriate.  Course concepts are taught using a combination of lectures and case studies.

Seminar Outline:

I. The Project Environment
What is a Project?
What is Project Management?
Definitions of Success
Challenges to the Project Manager
Organizational Structures
Project Stakeholders
Project Manager Characteristics
Project Life Cycle

II. Defining the Project
The Project Charter
The Statement of Work
The Responsibilities Matrix

III. Planning the Project
The Work Breakdown Structure
The Project Schedule (Gantt, PERT, CPM)
The Project Budget
Leveling the Project
Risk Management Techniques

IV. Controlling and Executing the Project
Communication and Reporting
Using Metrics and Detecting Deviations
Corrective Actions
Change Management
Project Termination

Does this sound interesting?  Or almost what you need? This can be easily tailored to your specific requirements.  One-day and two-day versions are available.  Just email me at jcesarone999@gmail.com and we'll see what makes sense.