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Quality Function Deployment (QFD) Template

Before I waste your time with a lot of words, this is probably what you are looking for: the FREE version of our QFD Template, right HERE.

Now, on to the words. Engineers, as a group, hate inefficiency. I know I do, don't you? That is why I have developed a variety of templates to automate common engineering tasks. So many calculations need to be performed, so many times, that it just makes sense to have a re-usable tool that performs the necessary tasks over and over.

This particular page is about our QFD (Quality Function Deployment) Template. This is sort of a decision aid. What kind of decisions, you ask, does it aid in? Basically, it helps you decide just HOW to go about getting WHAT you want or need. This could be process or material selections to support your design goals, or investment strategies to achieve your financial goals, or managerial decisions to support your corporate goals, or whatever. The essential elements are WHAT we want (our Goals) and HOW we might go about achieving them (the approaches).

QFD doesn't really tell you anything you don't already know, but it does help you to organize your thoughts: it gives you a way to specify your (possibly conflicting) goals, weight them for relative importance, enumerate approaches that you think might work, tabulate your opinion of the effectiveness each approach on each goal, and finally, it provides you with a SCORE for each of the approaches so that you can see which are good, which are best, and which are better forgotten about before somebody gets hurt.

Okay, so what about this template that I'm hawking? It automates all the work for you; all you need to do is brainstorm and type; the template does the rest. It is programmed in plain old Excel, so it is completely configurable and re-writable for you Excel jockeys (paid version only) who might want to customize it. On the other hand, if you are not an Excel expert, you can merely pop in your input values and let it hand you back the output values that you need (free version). Either way, it is intended to let you skip the first few hours or days worth of effort that most engineers would need to invest at the start of an analysis.

IMPORTANT NOTE: My template does not include the "House of Quality" triangle at the top and side that many templates use. Personally, I think that part of QFD is pretty silly. It is also hard to program into an Excel template. So I left that off. I've had a few people complain about it, so I want you to know up front. If you have any doubts, please download the free version first and see if you like it. The paid version looks exactly the same, only it is editable.

Still not convinced? Well, that's reasonable. Download our free version right now. If it is all you need, enjoy it with our compliments. If you need to modify it, a mere $40 will get you the unlocked version, which you can customize to your heart's content.  

How do you get the full version? There are currently two options:

1. The best way is to use the Instant Download method from MyCommerce. Just click on the blue and white "Buy Now" button on the left hand side of the screen. You will be taken to a page where you can pay with either a credit card or your PayPal balance, and then you will receive a link to download your template instantly.

2. Or, if you prefer, payment can be made through PayPal to my account, which is my email address: jcesarone999@gmail.com. Once PayPal notifies me that you've sent a payment (which only takes a few minutes), I'll email the template to you (which might take a few hours; heck, I might be asleep, especially if you are in the Eastern hemisphere!). You can pay PayPal either with your existing PayPal balance, or through a credit card. But really, you are better off using method #1 and the blue button.

Remember, you can download the free version right now, right HERE.

As a final plug, I am free for additional consulting, on a daily-rate basis, if you need additional help for your QFD or any other form of Analysis. Just email me at jcesarone999@gmail.com. Or, you might catch me on the phone at 312.493.0839, if it is a decent hour in Chicago.

Did I mention our newly-released Unit Conversion template? No? Check it out here.